Donnerstag, 23. August 2018

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017

No better you than the you that you are

What a beautiful line in a beuatiful song,
sung by a very beautiful woman. 

Thank you, Alessia Cara. 

(Alessia Cara - "Scars to your beautiful")

Montag, 19. September 2016


(Article copied from "The Santosha Project" 

Discover the Rebellious act of Self-Love

Headshot600While you and I may not live in the same place, share the same upbringing, lead the same lifestyle, or have the same body – there are definitely a few things we have in common. You and I both want to feel happy, safe, secure and content.
Unfortunately, society tells us to search for happiness and contentment in all the wrong places. We are constantly bombarded with messages that tell us we are not good enough. Instead, we are lead to believe that happiness can be attained through some type of physical possession or external achievement.
But the truth is: long lasting happiness is not a commercialized product and it cannot be purchased in a store. Similarly, reaching that perfect weight will not magically remove all of life’s problems.


Finding long lasting happiness seems impossible because you are mistakenly trying to change yourself. Right now, in this present moment, you’re likely holding on to something about yourself or your life that you do not like. In response, you are probably trying to change it or find something outside yourself that can be used to make these changes possible.
But the truth is – you can’t change something while you are holding on to it….
That’s the beauty of Santosha. Santosha, or contentment, is an invitation to let go of the things that negatively affect you and that which is holding you back from living to your full potential. Through letting go rather than holding on, you can effectively making room for more positive things to enter into your life.
The practice of Santosha allows you to:
check-green-24pxwDevelop unshakable confidence
check-green-24pxwStop the cycle of disappointment from failed resolutions
check-green-24pxwDiscover happiness and contentment in your life now
check-green-24pxwDevelop a focused and balanced mind
check-green-24pxwReveal the multitude of beautiful and positive things that are already in your life
check-green-24pxwCreate a more positive and fulfilling future


It’s simple, you can develop Santosha through practice, just like all of the other yamas and niyamas.
So how do you start practicing Santosha? Let’s break Santosha down to it’s three main ingredients (imho):
  • Surrender – Letting go of the things that no longer serve you
  • Gratitude – Accepting that you are “perfect in your imperfection”. There is no such thing as perfect. Learning to appreciate what you have is the first step to manifesting more positivity into your life
  • Self-Love – The asana or physical yoga practice, is the time you dedicate to yourself. By blocking out the rest of the world, you begin to focus on your physical body and your mental/spiritual self. Self-love also reinforces Surrender and Gratitude. Unite all of these principles together by dedicated your yoga practice to self-love.
If you can make these three things a regular part of your meditation and asana practice, you will be most of the way there. (Stay with me- I can help)


The Santosha Project is a self-paced immersion into Santosha.
Mandala_and_font_RalewayLet’s face it, we all need a little help from in our lives and in our practices. It’s a great honor to help you grow in your practice and in your life.
Allow me to be your personal guide through the practice of Santosha.
I have designed three modules to guide you down the path to Santosha. Working through each of these dedicated modules will help you develop a life long Santosha practice so that long-lasting happiness can be yours…forever.
Module 1: Santosha and You
check-green-24pxwGain a deeper understand of what Santosha is, how it works, and where the practices intersect
check-green-24pxwDefine what Santosha means to you and where it fits into your life (without changing anything!)
check-green-24pxwExplore creative ways to practice Santosha that will work for you
check-green-24pxwBegin tracking your immersion experience with the help of the Santosha Gratitude Journal
Module 2: The Gratitude Practice
check-green-24pxwCreate more clarity in your everyday life
check-green-24pxwDiscover helpful strategies to help you change the way you think about yourself and practice improving your self-esteem
check-green-24pxwExplore unique strategies, techniques and activities that invite you to harness the skill of radical self-love
Module 3: Integration Through Asana
check-green-24pxwPut the tools and strategies explored in the first two modules into action
check-green-24pxwIncorporate Santosha, Gratitude and Radical Self-Love into your yoga practice
check-green-24pxwGet out of your mind and into your body by learning to move comfortably and freely in your own body
check-green-24pxwDevelop a new level of appreciate for all the ways in which you are enough!
The Santosha Project Includes…
Get ready to uncover the secret to long lasting happiness and start living an empowered and fulfilling life… without changing anything!
By taking part the Santosha Project you’ll receive:
Box cover and cd for Santosha Project
  • Introduction to Santosha Presentation and Video – download the self-paced presentation and video as a long term reference into the practices and principles of Santosha. This presentation and intro video translate the mythical and philosophical niyama into a practical, real-world tool that you can use in your daily life.
  • Guided Meditation Practices – download Dianne’s guided meditations practices to explore the depths of Santosha, the practice of Surrender, Radical Self-Love and Gratitude. Once downloaded, these guided meditations are yours to keep! Return to them anytime you need reconnect!
  • Illustrated Gratitude Journal – The Santosha Gratitude Journal was created specifically for this immersion course. Your illustrated Gratitude Journal includes unique prompts, creative expressions and brand new strategies to help you make gratitude a part of your everyday life. Use the journal daily to get the most out of your Santosha Project immersion.
  • Brand New, Dedicated Yoga Practices – download over 4 hours of yoga practices designed by Dianne Bondy using the Yoga For All framework. Each practice is designed to help you integrate Santosha and the principles of the immersion into your own body and everyday life. Explore new ways of moving, breathing and practicing yoga that feel good and liberating within your body. These downloadable yoga practices are yours to keep!
  • Access to Private Facebook Group – Join our private group to get chat with Dianne and the other participants of the Santosha Project. Our community will help you along the way!
By the end of this immersion course, you’ll gain a whole new, life-changing perspective on happiness and contentment! Let go of the need to improve and try something new. Through the lectures, prompts, guided meditations and yoga practices included in the Santosha Project, you’ll learn to abandon your old ways of thinking, while making space for your best year yet!

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

The "My Perfect Week" Challenge

Hello butterflies!

Time to re-focus on my goals...
time to give it my best...


I challenge myself to make one week absolutely perfect:

  • keep my room clean and organized
  • eat right, healthy and with mindfulness
  • pray and meditate every night before sleep
  • keep my blogs updated every day
  • give it my maximum concentration and effort at work

Days one and two (Monday and Tuesday) have been very good.
Until now I've been a good girl 


perfect perfect...

glass of milk, green grapes, baked camembert with potato salad, banana, coffee with milk, another banana, an apple, a praliné, another glass of milk

took a 5 km walk in one hour, and walked the dog another 20 min. 

prayed a long prayer before sleep

had fun working and blogging


quite perfect...

glass of milk, green grapes, crêpes with confiture, banana, coffee with milk, another banana, dried papaya, three cola fizzy bonbons, another glass of milk

cleaned the bathroom (is exercise for me) and walked the dog 30 min. 

will pray and meditate before sleep

I love my work colleagues! And my blogs

I notice I'm missing some vegetables in my diet. 
Will have potato-leek-gratin tomorrow. 


the most perfect day

big bowl of müesli with raspberries and white chocolate, orange juice, potato-leek-gratin, nectarine, banana, two apples, coffee with milk, two cola fizzy bonbons, a small glass of milk

Wednesday Workout: weights, abdominal exercises, general strength and endurance, 00:08:30 minutes going lightly on the cycle

relaxed on the bus with music, 
will pray before sleep and take sleeping pill 
- I feel too active and need to come down a bit.

Love, love, love, 
and great feelings all around. 


more relaxed, but all good

two small pieces of tarte tatin, a handful of raspberries, carrot soup, Kaiserschmarren, Mentos White chewing gum, a praliné, coffee with milk, a small glass of milk

walked the dog (Grisu), a bit over an hour

the whole day was very relaxed, 
meditated after work while waiting for the bus
(5 min. "loving kindness" meditation on CALM), 
listened to soft music in the bus

My work colleagues are wonderful. 
So much love and support. 

Good vibrations all around.


all relaxed

Red Bull Energy Drink, a handful of green grapes, a plum, spaghetti with basil pesto, peppermint chewing gum, coffee with milk, a piece of brezel with cheese and a slice of egg, tutti frutti chewing gum, another coffee with milk, orange juice, more chewing gum, two carrots

took a few rounds around the hall, but very slow. It was a calm relax day. 

The whole day was calm and relaxed. 

Had a long good talk with my friend Michael from Nigeria.
And of course good atmosphere at work, 
and also getting along great with everyone else today. 

More good vibes. 


absolute relax, but wonderfully perfect

Latte Macchiato, caramel cookie, Chai Latte, self-made berries milk (milk, frozen berries, and a bit of honey), three carrots, self-mixed smoothie/juice (from orange juice, frozen strawberries and frozen raspberries), three spoonfuls of nougat cream, milk with honey

took a long walk/stroll through my town

Had the most relaxed and stressless day, 
slept a short nap in the afternoon, 
and had a bubble bath later. 

My flatmate is such a nice lady. 

This is only getting better day by day. 


conscious indulgence (overly sweet day)

four slices of bread with nougat creme, a sip of cola, a glass of milk, two broccoli patties and three "mixed vegetables"-Sticks, a cup of  chocolate "paradise cream" (a sort of pudding made with milk), two "Cornetto" ice-cream cones, a sip of cola, a small glass of milk, some muesli with raspberries and white chocolate, a spoonful of nougat creme, five "mixed vegetables"-Sticks

only but took the walk to church and back

Had a very, very relaxed Sunday.
A nap in the afternoon
and playing games with a friend
in the evening.

Love God, and people. 
Have a wonderful friend in Michael, 
who visited me today.


It was a perfect week!


it's hard work trying to be perfect all the time...

So, I am leaning towards 

(Text taken from

Each morning before diving into our yoga practice, we’d sit in a heated room on our mats and have a discussion led by yogi and author, Baron Baptiste. While every talk seemed to open my mind to new ideas, Day 3 was by far my favorite. That’s when Baron introduced us to the idea of Santosha.
He said, “Santosha means to always be content and yet unsatisfied.” The idea that I could be content and unsatisfied at the same time felt very foreign, yet powerful. While on our mats, he was referring to not holding attachment to the fullest expression of a pose, or feeling as if we need to get to that expression. We could be content with whatever pose we were in, even if it wasn’t right.
But off the mat and in my everyday life, Santosha meant so much more. You see, I was used to letting my setbacks motivate me, rather than spend time being content about where I was in the moment. Whether I wanted to be faster on my bike, perform better at work, or — to be blunt — lose more weight, my happiness often hinged on achieving certain goals. I knew that I’d benefit from practicing Santosha and allowing myself to be content in those moments that I felt unsatisfied and wanted more for myself.

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2016

Ups and downs

My dear butterflies!

I am having small ups and downs
in my life and in my weight...

weight is around 114 or 115 kg , 

sometimes less, sometimes more.

I am enjoying my summer sundaes
and at the same time thinking if maybe I should
have a stomach bypass...
(bariatric operation)...

Will keep you informed!

Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Doing good

Dear butterflies in the making

how are you doing?

I'm doing just fine now. 

My weight is 112,8kg this morning.

But more important than any number on a scale
- I've lost 12,7kg now since my maximum weight - 
is that I am 

feeling awesome. 

I'm going walking a dog in the mornings. 
I eat little, but delicious. 
I care for calm in my life. 
I'm finally starting to love myself. 

Liberating oneself of excess weight
is hard chiseling work... 

... but it's definitely worth the feeling of being healthy and free!

All the best, 

and see you soon!

Mittwoch, 2. März 2016